Wild Olive TeesWild Olive creates hip, unique Christian t-shirts for women, donating a portion of the proceeds of each of their sales to charity.

Learn more about Wild Olive Tees, and how Green Media helped them grow their successful online business.

fc_greenmattersAt Green Media we care about this world that we share.

That’s why we donate a portion of your web hosting fee every month you host with us to plant new tree seedlings around the world.

Learn more about our green web hosting now

wordpress-tutorials-page-highlightNew to WordPress?

Don’t worry… you’re not alone.

Check out our free starter WordPress Video Tutorials and searchable blog and tutorial knowledgebase!

"Need To Know" Video TutorialsIntroducing NTK Videos!

“Need to Know” Videos demonstrate the same features that you might see in other training videos, but we demonstrate them on your live site using your pages, content and posts, creating a movie for you that you can reference back to later.

Learn more about our NTK Video Tutorials Now!


What Are Our Clients Saying?

  • “Thank you Mick for your creative work on my website. It looks great. I appreciate your expertise and ease to work with in a timely fashion. Thanks!”
    by Susan Speake
  • “Green Media Design knows WordPress inside and out. They did all the tasks I requested and then went a step further by suggesting additional options (design, plug-ins) based on my site objectives. They provided detailed user instructions, were easy to work with, explained everything in non-technical terms, and did everything thoroughly and on schedule. They were outstanding and I look forward to working with them in the future.”
    by Carol Torgan, PhD Kinetics


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